Sometimes it Feels Like We’re Just Part of the Furniture…

With two cats and a dog all vying for attention, the title I’ve chosen here is particularly appropriate. We just thank heaven that our kids aren’t small enough to want to pile on anymore.

Sometimes there’s an actual lineup as they wait their turns on a lap or two.

I’m definitely the preference when my husband and kids are out of the house, but when Mark’s home – look out! They may be with me, but they’re only biding their time until their lap of choice is free.

There’s a defnitie routine to this:

Most mornings, I get up and while my husband is in the shower, I go to the deck door to see both cats sitting there, waiting to be let in. There’s an armed truce between them, so one is usually right in front of the door while the other hovers on the other side of the deck. As soon as I let the front-runner in, the other saunters over, looks in to make sure the coast is clear and walks in with tail flipping in the air.

Then it’s time to put Oliver out to do his ‘thing’. He’s very particular, though. He gets his way, no question – no matter how weird that ‘way’ might be.

He does not like to be told what to do and lets us know by hopping down a couple of the deck steps and then he stops and waits… Once he hears a step behind him, he deigns to take another stair or two and stops and waits again.. and so on until he reaches the bottom. Then he stands there, and stands there… and when he’s not standing there, he’s trying to sneak his way back up the stairs – ’cause God knows, he hates to get his feet wet! So, I take the last few steps myself, grab his leash at the neck, nudge him toward the lawn, and lo and behold, he finally wanders over and takes care of business!

Once everyone else has left, I grab my coffee and go sit on my armchair in front of my computer. Oliver jumps up and sits beside me, settling in for a long nap. Mew saunters over, jumps up and climbs up to sit on her ‘shelf’. She’s been sitting here since she was a two month old kitten. Now what is her ‘shelf’ you ask? Let’s put it this way – on a middle-aged, amply ‘bosomed’ woman, what do you think her shelf is? It’s really funny on the odd occasion when Oliver gets jealous and tries to take over the ‘shelf’. It just doesn’t work.

The rest of the day is pretty much normal, but then my son, Stuart gets home from school and as soon as the sound of the door is heard, Oliver jumps up and tears off after him. Sometimes, on the fibreglass floor of our family room, he tries to go so fast that his old feet just spin in their tracks for a few seconds before he gains traction and starts racing forward. Remember the old road runner cartoons? That’s right, just like that!

Whatever time of the day my daughter gets home, it’s the same thing, but I can hear her imploring Oliver to get down because he’s going to ruin her shoes, or jeans, or skirt, or dress, or shirt – or whatever treasured item of clothing she’s wearing that proves to only be an obstacle to Oliver getting to her.

When Mark arrives home, however, it’s the most chaos of the day. Oliver is spinning, jumping, yipping, and trailing him all of the way to our bedroom. Mark has to close the door to keep Oliver out so he can change. Once he emerges from the bedroom, I’ve usually managed to get Oliver to come back into the family room and there he waits.

As soon as Mark sits in his favorite chair, someone jumps on his lap. It could be Bob, Mew or Oliver, but you can bet the other two are close by waiting their turn. Mew and Bob will not share. They’ll just wait patiently for the other to leave and then promptly take their turn. Oliver, on the other hand, waits for no one. He jumps onto Mark’s lap anyway and takes the spot he wants. If one of the cats is already there, he just moves them over. It used to be that as soon as Oliver showed his intent, the cat(s) would take off, but no more, they now move to a new spot instead.

Lately, Oliver has taken to bathing Mew if they’re both in a lap together. I actually have video of this and as soon as I figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer, I’ll post it!

Well, there you have it, life in our house as just another piece of furniture…

Published by Christine Blythe

A fifties' child, mom, wife, avid genealogy researcher, web contributor and author/owner of four blogs including Empty Nest Ancestry, Feathering the Empty Nest, Top Web Blog Tips, Job Bully, and our extensive family genealogy database site at Blythe Genealogy.