Spice up your home inside or out with variegated shell ginger.

Spice up your home inside or out with variegated shell ginger.


For an exotic plant that’s easy to grow and requires little care, why not spice up your home inside or out with variegated shell ginger.
Variegated ginger features beautiful blue-green, spiky foliage throughout the year that has yellow variegation.


It grows up to four feet in height, and the leaves can spread nearly that wide as the plant matures.

In warmer climates, the plant produces very fragrant pink flowers that have overtones of white. These flowers will not bloom in Northern climates.


How to care for variegated shell ginger.


Shell ginger likes partly shaded areas of the yard.

Due to the medium texture of the leaves, they can be planted as a stand-alone feature or mixed with a variety of fine and coarse textured plants.

This is a fast-growing plant, so you should see it come to maturity within one growing season.

They like to be kept moist, but don’t water them too much unless they’re potted.

If you live in a cold climate, you should protect the root system with a thick blanket of mulch in the winter.

Their hardiness zone is 7.


Where they look best.


This type of ginger plant should be a show-piece, whether you plant it alone or as part of a grouping.

The pink flowers and long, striated leaves give your landscape a tropical flair without a lot of fuss. You’ll also enjoy a delightful aroma from the blooms.

They work well as a general garden plant, in borders, as an accent plant, or in container gardens if you only have a small space.

Make sure to plant them in the center of the container so they have room to spread.

They look fabulous in an over-size pot with smaller, low-growing plants that have similar growing and care requirements.

If you live in a cooler area, try them in a container with white Sweet Alyssum.

In hot climates, they pair well with bright yellow, star-like Bidens.


Benefits of ginger plants.


They need no pruning or special maintenance,

They’re also hardy in almost any soil or environmental conditions, although they dislike standing water.

With proper care, variegated ginger plants can live up to 20 years.

If you prefer, you can even grow them in a well-drained pot for a unique house plant.


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