Spotting the signs of bullying: What you need to know.

Spotting the signs of bullying: What you need to know.


Spotting the signs of bullying can be very difficult for concerned parents.


Are you worried that your kids might get bullied at school?


Do you lie awake at night hating the fact that you can’t defend them during the day?


Then you need to make sure you know how to spot the signs.

Most kids react in the same way to that sort of situation as shown in the list and infographic below, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out when something is wrong.

You love your child, and you want to help them. That is an entirely natural position for caring parents.


Your child is quieter than usual.


Many kids don’t know how to deal with stressful or intimidating situations. They tend to go quiet when there is something on their mind.

Make sure you ask your child if they are okay, and try to find out more about what is bothering them.


Your child is more aggressive than usual.


Some children become aggressive at home when they are being bullied at school. That is because they want to fight back when the bully hurts them or calls them names.

However, they don’t act upon their feelings out of fear, which causes the anger to build up, and they often will explode at home instead.


Your child seems uninterested in everything.


It is hard to feel enthusiastic or excited when you are worrying about a bully.

If you notice your child seems distant, it could be because they are worrying about a bad situation at school.

Again, you just need to sit down with them and have a proper chat.


Spotting the signs of bullying.

Spotting the signs of bullying.

As you can see, the signs of bullying are usually obvious. You just need to spend time with your child to ensure you can judge their mood. Don’t hesitate to contact their school if you think there is something wrong.

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