Staging your home for resale isn’t enough! Stage your garden and yard too.

Staging your home for resale isn’t enough! Stage your garden and yard too.

If you want your property to look good, it’s not enough to stage your home for a profitable sale, you should stage your garden too.


This is one of the great untapped resources of the modern home.


Focus on designing the best garden in the neighborhood. If you do, you will reap the rewards aesthetically and financially.


Redoing the backyard doesn’t have to be a huge job, nor does it have to be an expensive one.

Usually, the budget that goes toward household changes is reserved for furniture and decorating the interior of the home. Obviously, this is a good way to treat your budget, as you spend most of your year inside the house and not outside it.

However, with an eye to making your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers, it’s just as important to create curb appeal and have a beautiful, well maintained outdoors.


Make your lawn as green as possible.


When you’re trying to get the best garden in the neighbourhood you have to think about visual appeal.

You want the wow factor.

The first place to start is with the lawn because this is one of the essential elements of any garden. You want to make sure that you get your lawn as green as possible to make your garden look lush and ripe. The way to do this is to observe the basics, make sure you maintain it, water it, and use lawn ‘weed and feed’ on a regular basis.


Inspired landscaping.


espeliered trees

Espeliered trees.


Sorting your garden should start from the ground up – literally. 

Espaliered trees are perfect for a small garden, as you can prune and train them to meet a set image as you can decorate a wall with them. They can provide an amazing high-end, textured look to an otherwise boring wall.

If you have a yard that offers a sunny space perfect for creating a seating area, consider buying from companies such as Lifestyle Patios to furnish your garden, patio or gazebo. 


Have a lush, green lawn.

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If buying new is too much for your budget, you can invest in backyard furniture, or you could purchase concrete blocks and foam instead. It doesn’t matter how big or small your yard is, concrete breeze blocks will fit in and with brightly colored foam pads and cushions on top, you can create gorgeous seating at a fraction of the price.

Outdoor lighting may seem unnecessary at first; after all, you’re outside! However, those lazy summer nights are so much more fun with solar fairy lights draped around fences and bushes. It’s easy to imagine sitting out and enjoy the sunset without much care and with the whole backyard lit up beautifully.

Thankfully, most hardware and home stores sell these at a cut price, so you can enjoy a lit back garden for a small cost.

Getting a little crafty in the garden is a great way to add a little fun. Casting your own fake stepping stones or making stone-look flowers can add some colour and decoration to your garden. These work very well with cottages and quaint little homes instead of balconies.

Your garden should be a tranquil space where you can kick back with a cool drink and a book in the shade. It’s your little piece of the world away from the public, so making it look beautiful should be a priority for you.


Put trellises up.


Making excellent architectural additions to the garden can really benefit the visual aesthetic. For example, you might think about erecting trellises throughout the garden, if you have the space.

You can use trellises as a way of displaying climbing plants and shrubs, adding wonderful colors and greenery to any garden. A trellis gives you a safe and attractive way of displaying and showcasing these plants.

Have a look at the different types of trellis you can buy and consider what would be best for the plants you want.

If you have a raised deck, consider enclosing beneath it with trellis. If the trellis openings are small enough or the plants are mature and cover the trellis well, it can be used as an enclosed gardening center, or even another sitting area. This is a great alternative to a pricey gazebo.


Garden trellis.

Garden trellis.

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Create a courtyard.


Think about what you’d like to see in your garden, and how you think you could make it more stimulating.

There’s plenty you can do to achieve this, and creating a courtyard is one brilliant alternative.

The beauty of your own courtyard is that you can use it for whatever you want, a relaxation area, sitting or socializing area too. Are you the type who enjoys sitting in front of a fire pit on a clear, starry evening, you could even create an inexpensive brick fire enclosure in the courtyard.

The best thing about a courtyard is it gives the garden more of a homey and personal feeling. It really makes it warm and inviting and sets it apart from any other garden.


Outdoor courtyard.

Outdoor courtyard.


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