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10 tips to avoid scratching that itch.

  In the past, I have written about my own ongoing battle with allergies, sensitivities, skin conditions and itchiness – and how difficult it has been to avoid scratching that itch.   This is a great article offering… Read More

Environmental sensitivities and allergies are a growing concern in the workplace.

I am one who has continually suffered from environmental allergies including to strong odors, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning products, etc. In fact, these sensitivities have exacerbated the frequency and severity of my migraines, leading to ongoing issues at my… Read More

My favorite products to prevent and treat allergic reactions and skin sensitivities.

When looking through my blog, it’s pretty apparent that allergic reactions and skin sensitivities are a huge concern in my life – and household. Through trial and error, and ultimately some expense, I have tried numerous products, only… Read More