Top natural health Twitter streams.

Twitter is becoming an incredible resource for any number of purposes, including for the top natural health Twitter streams.   More than just a tool for social connection, it can actually be used to learn and to engage others interested in the same things as we are. This is an amazing thing. Who could have ever

Motivation: 6 reasons to be more organized and clean.

One of the reasons I am posting this guest article is because I desperately need the inspiration and ‘nudge’ to be more organized and clean. My whole life I’ve been reluctant about cleaning and organizing. To me, it was something that boring, mature people did that I wasn’t willing to, unless I had nothing better

Are we burying our kids under heaps of stress and expectations?

stress and expectations

For quite a while now, I’ve been hearing how our children are overly buried by stress and expectations in today’s world. Then, yesterday I watched a CBC News report about plagiarism and cheating in college and university, and it struck me that there’s a really strong correlation here! Perhaps all of the stress and anxiety

Sleepless in British Columbia

Life with insomnia.

It’s 5:00 am and I’ve been awake for two hours. One of those hours I spent tossing and turning in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep with no success. Finally, because I was afraid of waking my husband, who has to go to work, I’ve spent the second hour checking all of my

My secret, great frozen yoghurt discoveries.

Frozen Yogurt

I’ve worked very hard on making the great frozen yoghurt discoveries I have so far.   We’re really enjoying it, especially since I’m starting to learn some tips and hints to achieve a smoother, creamier result with great flavour. In our last grocery order, we got a couple of bulk bags of frozen mixed fruit. This