Take note of  these 11 signs you’re ready for a break – before you break.

Take note of these 11 signs you’re ready for a break – before you break.


You work hard and don’t always give yourself the credit you deserve. It’s not easy to scale back and not put so much pressure on yourself to succeed.


There’s nothing wrong with having a strong work ethic, but you can’t forget to take care of yourself in the process. It feels good to push yourself to your limits and be rewarded for it. That’s why you continue to try your best and see how great you can be when you keep moving forward.


If you’re stressed and exhibiting some of the 11 signs you’re ready for a break, consistently exceed expectations and never let yourself recover and rest, it may be time to take a step back.


You depend on caffeine.




All in moderation, but it becomes dangerous when you’re actually dependent upon substances, such as caffeine.

A little coffee or soda here and there is fine.

Watch when your habits become detrimental to your health, and you’re depending on caffeine to get you through your days. This will bring long-term effects that will make it harder to function in the long run.

Drop the caffeine or cut back and turn to water or tea which hydrates you and gives you more natural energy.

Overindulging in caffeine is a warning sign that you’re probably overdoing it and could use a break.


You’re forgetful.


One sign of working too hard is forgetfulness.

If you notice you can’t remember important details like you used to, it’s probably time to scale back your responsibilities.

Everyone forgets once in a while, but when it becomes a regular habit, you should figure out the reason why you can’t remember particular facts and figures. This will hurt you at work, home and in your personal life. It may become scary for you and start to affect how you’re living.

Give your brain a rest, and you should be able to nurse yourself back to health.


You get in a car accident.


Driving while fatigued is dangerous for you and others on the road.

When you’re overtired, you find yourself in tough situations you normally wouldn’t be a part of like a car accident. It doesn’t mean you’re at fault, and that’s why it’s important to contact a lawyer.

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You yell at the family.


Snapping at your family is a red flag. It’s a sign you’re working too hard and aren’t yourself.

Don’t take your stress out on others in your family.

If you catch yourself yelling at family members and feeling bad for it, remove yourself from the situation until you can refocus and make it better.

Decide where you’re going to cut back and schedule time for resting and relaxing.

Your family will forgive you once they see you’re trying to fix the problem.

Apologize for any wrong doings and then move forward with your new goal of making sure you’re not taking on too much.


You always feel tired.


Falling asleep.


It’s fine to feel sleepy once in a while, but to always feel tired is a sign you’re not getting enough rest.

In fact, this is the case if you wake up feeling tired on a regular basis.

Dragging yourself from activity to activity is not a fun way to live. You want to feel good and energized to seize the day.

Scale back on your commitments and make more time for yourself.

Set a regular bedtime schedule so you’re going to bed and waking up around the same time each day. Make sure your bedroom is configured to get a good night’s sleep, including keeping it at a cool and comfortable temperature.


There’s no time to rest.


It’s a problem if you can’t remember the last time you had fun.

Everyone needs breaks and recreation time. Work hard and play hard.

Having no time to rest will eventually lead to burnout, and you’ll regret never making time to breathe.

Stop feeling guilty for taking time for you and caring for your health. There’s no excuse for not making time for relaxing activities. It’s up to you to schedule them in your day and watch out for yourself.

You’re more likely to get sick if you’re running around not giving your mind and body time to unwind.


You often consider quitting your job.


It’s okay not to always like your job, but make sure it’s the job that’s the problem before you quit.

Consider if you’re simply feeling too tired to perform your job duties and aren’t physically or mentally taking care of yourself.

Take a look at your schedule and see if you have too much going on outside of work that’s taking away from your job performance.

Discuss responsibilities with your boss if they’re too much. See if you can come up with a compromise so you start performing better and begin to like your job again.

Be careful not to quit in a state of restlessness and confusion because of exhaustion.


You have trouble sleeping.


Not being able to sleep is a sign you’re feeling stressed out and uneasy.

It’s no fun going through your day like a zombie.

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, get to the bottom of why you’re struggling. Determine if it’s because you’re up late participating in events, if your mind is racing or if your bedroom is uncomfortable. This way you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping you from getting your proper shut eye.

Try taking a hot bath before bed or reading a book to unwind. Give your devices a rest, so your eyes and brain have time away from the bright lights and stimulation before bed.

You need your sleep to function properly and feel good each day. This is one area you shouldn’t let slide for too long.


Your diet has tanked.


Eating poorly and consuming lots of junk food is a sure sign you’re not fully present and struggling to keep up with your schedule.

When you’re in control and not overwhelmed it’s easier to eat nutritious foods and take care of yourself. You have time to pack a lunch and make dinner at home.

Snacking on unhealthy foods will give you a sugar rush at the time, but you’ll quickly come crashing down and will start to feel sluggish.

Your diet is an important aspect of your overall health, and you should make it a high priority on your list. If you do less, you’ll eat less, and you’ll feel more like yourself.

Being stressed out often leads to unhealthy eating habits and regret for putting bad foods in your body.


You’ve stopped working out.


Missing the gym for a scheduled activity happens, but missing it all the time because you feel worn out and exhausted is a warning sign you’re overdoing it.

Exercise is critical to your well-being, and it makes you feel good. Schedule it in your day and make it a habit to rarely miss a sweat session.

If you’re someone who once loved exercising, but now finds it difficult to ever run or hit the gym, it’s time to look at your priorities and state of wellness. Figure out why you’ve stopped working out and what small adjustments to make so you’re able to fit it back into your life.

Everyone takes breaks or misses days, but try not to make it a regular occurrence. You’ll perform better at work, feel happier and sleep better.

Exercising will also cause you to want to eat healthier and take care of yourself.


You can’t concentrate or make decisions.


Your mental health could be suffering if you have trouble concentrating and making decisions.

It’s important to pay attention to your thoughts and brain health in your hectic schedule. Running yourself ragged not only takes a toll on your body, but your mind too.

Take time to relax and exercise your brain. Sit down and color, take a yoga class or listen to relaxing music. You need to practice ways to slow your thoughts and clear your head.

Try meditating and experience all of the immediate benefits that come from nurturing your mind. It’s a personal experience that’s different for everyone.

Give yourself time to adjust to exercising your brain. It may feel weird at first, but soon you’ll see what a great experience it is for your wellness.


There’s nothing wrong with working hard, until it becomes detrimental to your health.

Understand when your plate is too full and be smart enough to take a step back. You’ll get more done and be more productive when you’re feeling like yourself.


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