Taking a mud bath…

Taking a mud bath…


A while back, Erin did a great deal of work with a local photographer as an apprentice and model. One of the photo shoots involved cavorting around in mud – or a proverbial mud bath.


While going through some of the pictures from her photo shoot, we were discussing what it must have been like since it was a rather cloudy, cool day.

I worried needlessly though, because she was quick to remind me how much she has always enjoyed playing in the mud.

As a matter of fact, one of my best memories is our family camping trip in our family’s heritage stomping grounds in Nova Scotia, where Erin and Stuart had the opportunity to play in the lovely, silky red mud of the Bay of Fundy.

Here is a visual comparison between Erin playing in the mud then – and in the photo shoot!! They grow up so fast!

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