Tattoo tolerance is a great thing, but we need to work on tolerance for all our differences.

Tattoo tolerance is a great thing, but we need to work on tolerance for all our differences.


One thing I’ve noticed since Erin started getting piercings and tattoos is the frustration she feels when her personal choices regarding body adornments cost her jobs and other opportunities.


She has done her best to put any tattoo in a strategic place that is easily covered by clothing, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some people.


Just the ‘stigma’ of having a tattoo (or more) affects their decision negatively.


Erin's tongue piercings.

Erin and her tongue piercings.

Erin has rarely complained about the consequences she’s suffered because of her tattoos, but I’ve seen it. Maybe I see it because I’ve experienced the same prejudices about my body weight.

Some people feel they have a right to judge someone else by their personal appearance and there are no consequences for these people. It even goes to the extreme of people we encounter and don’t even know who feel they have a right to comment or provide their opinion about this tattoo, that piercing, or what this fat person has in their shopping cart.

Let me just say that we never had the opportunity to encounter people with body piercings and tattoos before moving to Trenton, Ontario and starting my business.

Once Office Rescue‘s doors opened, we were amazed at the variety of people we encountered – including those with pretty extreme body modifications.

One couple in particular had called us asking for Mark to make a house call and help them fix their computer. When he returned from this visit, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for this couple, saying, “They’re one of the nicest couples I’ve met in a long time.”

A day or so later, when they both came to the office to pay their bill, I was amazed to see that they had tattoos and extreme piercings from head to toe. I’m sure they looked pretty frightening to people they didn’t know.

I agreed with Mark. They were indeed one of the nicest, most respectful couples I’d ever met.

We need to stop judging others and start looking inward at ourselves and our own behavior and beliefs. A little self-examination would do us all some good.


Published by Christine Blythe

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