The 10 coolest sofa designs.

The 10 coolest sofa designs.

One of the most used items in your house is the sofa. Why not think out of the box and use one of these more innovative, fun and coolest sofa designs.


It’s where you spend time relaxing and something you look forward to when returning home.

Below is a list of unique and creative sofa designs that will make visitors take a second look at your sofa in amazement.


1) Feel Seating System by Animi Causa


Feel Seating System by Animi Causa

Feel Seating System by Animi Causa


Is it a bed?

Is it a chair?

Is it something to do with tennis?

Well, it’s a sofa that’s based on the basic building blocks of the universe, the molecular structure.

It can be moved around into different positions, depending on how you wish to sit or lie. There are 120 sofa elastic covered sofa balls making up this sofa, making it creative in design and use.


2) Lila Lang


Lila Lang

Lila Lang sofa.


This sofa looks like something designed for Alice in Wonderland.

It’s a sofa that has one half on the floor, and the other going up the wall.

Perhaps having people sit on it for extend periods drives it up the wall, or it could be avoiding something crawling on the floor. It is perfectly symmetrical and designed to fit corner walls in either direction.


3) Do Lo Res by Ron Arad


Do Lo Res by Ron Arad

Do Lo Res sofa by Ron Arad.


Sometimes, it’s hip to be a square, or a rectangle.

The Do Lo Res sofa by Ron Arad is definitely hip with its style and design.

The pieces of the sofa combine to make the shape and contours for comfort, and they can be rearranged depending on your own needs and creativity.


4) A sofa by a student at BCUC.


A brush sofa by a student at BCUC.

A brush sofa by a student at BCUC.


Have you ever looked at a toothbrush and thought “Hey, that looks mighty comfortable, I wish there was a sofa like that!”

No, you probably haven’t.

But the designer of this sofa seems to have.

A rectangular base with toothbrush-like bristles for you to sit and lay around in looks nothing like a regular sofa. Not the most practical of sofas, but one of the more interesting ones.


5) Home Sweet Home Sofa


Home Sweet Home Sofa

Home Sweet Home sofa.


The Home Sweet Home sofa is like a little space capsule for your home.

Its insides are made from PU-foam upholstery covered in leather, while the outside is coated and varnished.

It looks like something a video gamer or a couple could enjoy in their own ways.


6) Sofa From Waazwiz


Sofa From Waazwiz

Sofa From Waazwiz.


Lights are something that draw both moths and human eyes.

There’s just something about colored lights that is attractive and provides atmosphere and mood.

This sofa from the Japanese manufacturer Waazwiz uses acrylics that light up. It really is the centrepiece of any room it’s in.


7) The Sitscape


The Sitscape

The Sitscape sofa.


The Sitscape sofa is long, about six meters long.

It is designed to give you a wide range of sitting positions generated for ultimate comfort, and comes in sections that are made using laminated wood digitally cut into shape.


8) Purity by Scott Wilson


Purity by Scott Wilson

Purity sofa by Scott Wilson.


The Purity sofa by Scott Wilson look as if it’s the 70’s version of futuristic.

The sofas combine retro cool with futuristic stylings.

The curves are stated in the design, and are one of the most notable features.

The concept designs come in two forms, a love seat and rocking chair.


9) Phantom Couch


Phantom Couch

Phantom Couch.


This couch has an interesting design, and at first glance it shows why it’s called the Phantom.

“What was that? Oh, it’s a couch. It looked like something else before, what a phantom!”

Not a couch that could be used to hide anything, it’s for those who like to show off and stand out in ways that others may not understand.


10) 3 seater Jonque sofa by La Maison Coloniale.


3 Seater Jonque Sofa by La Maison Coloniale

3 seater Jonque Sofa by La Maison Coloniale.


This sofa is style and class.

It is a design that mixes flavors of Asia with the colors of the bush lands.

It’s something that would open up a home and be welcoming to any visitors, offering style, flair, class and comfort – a sofa to lay back on to fall into a different world.




Sofas come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

Some on the list are less practical than others, but they are all works of creative art.

These sofas show you that there is more to sitting on a well designed piece of furniture than comfort.


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