The chosen path: Taking your life in a new direction.

The chosen path: Taking your life in a new direction.


Life can be difficult and confusing. It gives us so much, and yet can just as easily take so much away from us.
We have many ups and downs, and at times we will feel as though we can’t go on anymore, and then other times we’ll feel so happy that it feels as if we’re floating on air.
This is all normal – it’s just part of the unexpected that comes with living, that is both extremely exciting and scary at the same time. There will be times when you decide to veer off the chosen path,  taking your life in a new direction.


More often than not, you will be faced with a dilemma that has multiple outcomes, but what makes it so hard is that you just don’t know whether you’re making the right decisions. Unfortunately, none of us are able to see in the future to know what happens.

At times, you have to go with your gut, and if you’re wrong, you will learn to pick yourself up and not make the same mistake twice.

If you find that you are beginning to struggle, whether it be from a romance, job, or your home life, then you need to take action.

Stress is a very dangerous thing because it affects so much in your life. You don’t just start feeling more emotions like pressure, frustration, anger, and sadness – your whole body can be affected, and that means sleepless nights, and possibly a lowered immune system. All of these things will eat at you until you hit rock bottom and you find yourself depressed and unable to break out of it.

If this is the case, you will need to get some help so that you can breathe again.

Visit the doctor and be as open as you can with them. All of these issues can be the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain. The doctor can then either give you medication or refer you to a therapist who can equip you with the best coping tips and tools.

Sometimes, there is a moment in your life when you decide to pick up and start fresh. You are the master of your own destiny, so do whatever feels right for you. If that means moving, finding a new job, or just hopping on a plane and traveling to an unexplored destination – so be it.

In the short term, travel can be an incredible, spontaneous gift to yourself and can help you clear your mind, reassess your priorities, and decide which direction to take. You can learn more about yourself with the added bonus of experiencing other countries.

When making life decisions, extended travel or a physical move to another country can be a journey of self discovery, so if you’re ready for the ride, here’s what you need to do.


Save as much money as possible.


Think about how much it will cost for you to get there, including things like a visa, plane tickets, shipments and moving companies, the services of companies like hdb resale housing, and then of course emergencies that are never planned for.

You should have a minimum of at least six months worth of savings, if not more, especially when moving abroad. It’s better to have too much, rather than too little, because you don’t want to find yourself stuck in difficult financial situations.


Plan in advance for your health care.


Where you decide to travel will determine the kind of healthcare plan that is best for you.

Before you go anywhere, find out whether your current healthcare provider is able to cover you while you’re in a different country. You will also need to get all the necessary shots and immunizations depending on where you go, so speak to your doctor and make sure everything is covered.

If you are on prescription medication, bring as much as you can to allow as much time as possible to find a doctor, and also find out whether they have the equivalent to what you need abroad.


Think about your belongings.


Travel plans.

Depending on your length of stay, or if you decide to live there permanently, you must decide what to bring.

You can have your things shipped to you, but this can be very expensive.

You have multiple other options. You could sell your things to make some extra money; ask a family member or friend to keep anything of value in storage for you; or donate it to charity.

But remember, if you won’t need it right away, don’t bring it with you. You can find whatever you need once in your new location.


Think about what your potential plan of action would be, and whether you can see it working out. There is always a risk to moving anywhere, let alone abroad, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work out for you.

As long as you’re careful and know what you need to do, there is no reason this won’t turn into one of the best decisions you have ever made.


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