The kids’ going to college? Make their dorm a home away from home – in their style.

The kids’ going to college? Make their dorm a home away from home – in their style.

Once the kids leave home, we as parents think they are the ones that suffer. Your kids might put on a brave face, but they will feel fear deep down in their stomachs.


You do have to put up with a lot of emotional baggage because watching your child grow up isn’t easy. But, it isn’t only the moms and dads that have to deal with their new surroundings.


The first thing the kids will want to do to make themselves feel at home while attending college is set up their dorm. Make their dorm a home away from home in their style.

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Here are some suggestions to help along the way.


Invest in a featherbed.


Student accommodation is notoriously uncomfortable, but the beds are terrible.

For one thing, there is no way to know what that bed has been through in the past!

From a traditional point of view, a normal dorm bed isn’t relaxing either.

Thankfully, a featherbed topper can make all of that go away. The cover goes over the top of the mattress so there’s no need to lay on it bareback. Plus, as the name suggests, it helps make it softer.

It won’t be anything like sleeping at home, but it also won’t be like sleeping on a bed of concrete.


Buy new furniture (or new-to-you).


The furniture that comes with the room won’t be any good.

Universities don’t have money to waste, so they aren’t going to spend it on sofa beds and lazy boys.

The problem is that student furniture makes the room feel like home. Without it, the space will feel bare and cold and will make the transition harder.

Plenty of stores sell quality pieces that will come in handy, but be careful. Buying them before you see the room is a risky move as it might not fit. So, get the dimensions first and commit to the furniture afterward.


Put pictures on the wall.


Personalized dorm room.

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What makes you feel happier than looking at pictures of the good times?

Even better, it’s an excellent way for them to remember their friends while figuring out university.

Unfortunately, the university might not allow you to put up photos in a frame because it will leave a mark. If you get creative, though, there is no need for a frame.

Connect the camera to the printer and print off as many pictures as possible. When you have the ones you want, stick them to the wall to form a collage. It has the same effect, and it won’t cost you the deposit.


Bring something from home.


There is nothing wrong with missing home. In fact, it’s perfectly natural.

So, why not bring one of their favorite pieces to remind them of the old room?

It can be anything from a duvet cover, a poster, to a favorite mug. As long as it has some significance, it will make them feel much more at home.

Just make sure it isn’t difficult to move. The last thing you want to do is carry it up five flights of stairs.


Think of a dorm room as a blank canvas that needs to be updated to suit the occupant’s personality and make them feel at home.

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