The one thing you’re likely to forget to pack for your trip.

The one thing you’re likely to forget to pack for your trip.


You’re off on an amazing trip somewhere and you just can’t wait – but are you aware of the one thing you’re likely to forget to pack for your trip?


You’ve been diligent, and done all your research.

You know where you’re going, where you’re staying, all the places on your list and how to get home from each and every one of them.

You’ve even gone and bought a foreign sim card, so you’ll always have access to the internet and help should you need it.

You’ve double checked everything in your bag, made sure you’ve got everything that you want to bring, and have even purchased a good travel insurance (just in case).

You have your electronics, your chargers, your extra pack of socks, and of course, your passport and money.

You’ve read dozens of guides to staying safe.

You’ve read blog posts of travellers to the areas where you are going.

You’ve even gone through government advisory traveller’s checklists!

You have everything, right?


You’ve forgotten something.

First Aid Supplies are a must when we go off on an adventure somewhere – particularly if that somewhere is abroad.

We trust our travel insurance will take care of everything when something bad happens to us. The problem with this frame of mind, however, is that when bad things happen to us, help cannot get to us immediately.

Having first aid supplies readily available is so important when it comes to dealing with any of the following unexpected issues.


Administer first aid.


Minor injuries.


No one wants to fall, get cut, and end up bleeding all over your clothes.

This is the most likely scenario when you would need a first aid kit.

Simply having these supplies on hand will save you a lot of time, stress, and protect you from infections.


Protection for hikers.


More than just a means to clean up your scrapes and bruises, first aid kits can include protection from insects, from the sun, and more.

Don’t forget these simple but effective tools for to keep yourself going and healthy on your mad-dash to somewhere far off. Injuries happen on hikes too! Emergency survival kits are also a must.

Prepare for the worst, to survive the worst.


Serious injuries.


Serious injuries definitely require first aid treatment to keep the patient stable until help arrives.

Knowing how to dress an impalement (say, you fell on something terrible and now it’s lodged into your leg) can mean the difference between being able to wait out while help comes and bleeding out before they do.

A first aid kit on your person is a simple, effective way to deal with all that life can throw at you when you are on your journey.

Don’t let the fact that you have travel insurance make you feel invincible!

Be prepared.

Having first aid supplies, particularly on long, backpacking trips, is just so important to getting you through the day.

Beat sunstroke, blisters, small injuries, and even be prepared for some of the worst ones, before they become something serious and worrying.


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