Three tools to speak and understand LOLcats language.

Of everything on the internet, perhaps the most popular to date are cats. Big cats, little cats, baby cats, old cats, fat cats, thin cats… and yes, LOLcats. I have collected these three tools to speak and understand LOLcats language.


Admit it, you have posted at least one in the past week to your social media profile, or seen one from someone on your friends list. I bet it even put a smile on your face, and why not?

Cats are adorable!

But of all cats, the most important in online culture is the captioned feline, or the “LOLcat”. This is a humorous or cute photo of a domesticated house cat (or sometimes larger varieties from the feline family such as lions) with text changing the context of the picture. It might sound boring to describe it that way, but you know you love them as much as I do.

While they have been around for ages, some people are only just learning about them and what they are all about. For you, my dear and out of date friends, I have three tools that will help you to speak and understand LOLcat for your very own captions or jokes.


1. I Can Haz Cheezburger


Three tools to speak and understand LOLcats language.

Sometimes the best way to get a handle on anything is to take the time to look at past examples. Thankfully, there are thousands – for all we know, millions – of LOLcats around the web. Some are good, some are bad, but they are there for your browsing.

The most extensive gallery to view them is definitely I Can Haz Cheezburger. They even have a tag system with some of the best LOLcats ever created and launched onto the web. If all you want is a random list you could just do a Google image search for LOLcats and you would be busy for weeks.

Trust me.


2. LOLcat Bible Project


Set aside your denominations. Forget the conflicts between religious faiths. No matter what creed or belief, we finally have a holy book that we can all agree on., together, as the human race. All it took was a furry friend or two, and their sarcastic enthusiasts to bring it all together.

This is a project run entirely by volunteers who have translated the Holy Bible into LOLcat.

Yes, really.

They have hit every book, and even have a special prayer to Ceiling Cat, who watches us all. It would be difficult to find something that provides both a study of scripture and something sacrilegious at the same time, but they did it beautifully.


3. Speak LOLcat


You might not be aware of this, but there are different dialects of LOLcat. Some are more subtle, like speaking broken English with an accent. But others are much more extensive, and unmistakable as the official tongue of manipulated images of catnip addicts.

This is another translator program, but it follows by the more common, barely readable form of LOLcat we know and love. If you want someone to have to read through a caption three or four times to understand it, this is the perfect translator for you.

Want to make some captions of your own?

Perhaps you just want to update a status, write a friend or speak in your daily life as a LOLat?

Hey, I won’t judge you. Just head on down to this cool little page where you can easily and quickly convert anything you want to say into LOLcat. Find a new way to ask for that skinny mocha latte at Starbucks. Wow your boss with your communication skills to get that promotion. Ask that special someone to marry you. All in the language used by people obsessed with adding text to images of kittens in Paint.

(Disclaimer: We are not recommending anyone do any of the three tasks above in LOLcat. We aren’t insane…technically. )

Everyone loves LOLcats, and if they don’t then they are obviously robots incapable of the emotion of love. While we wait for the inevitable civil war between man and machine, why not prove your humanity by enjoying more of these excellent captions with us? Leave links to your favorite LOLcats in the comments.

I can haz commentz?!


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