Tips for downsizing in style once the children leave home.

Tips for downsizing in style once the children leave home.


Whether your child has just headed off to university or has left home for good, you are most probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all the spare space in your house. You may also be feeling incredibly emotional – don’t worry, that’s a perfectly normal part of empty nest syndrome.


If you have made the decision that your house is too large for you and your partner to live in by yourselves, you might be thinking about downsizing. If so, here are some tips for downsizing in style once the children leave home.


downsizing in style once the children leave home


Consider building instead of buying.


The chances are that by now you know what you want in your home. So instead of moving into a ready built home, why not build one to your exact specifications?

Not only can building a house be cheaper than buying one, giving you more money to enjoy life, it can also be easier than you think.

When you think of building your own house, ‘easy’ is probably one word that does not spring to mind. However, if you are well prepared, get the right help and use a house building planning service, you can make things much easier.


Ensure your new home has a spare bedroom.


Your children might have moved out, but you should still look for a home that has at least two bedrooms. That way, if they ever need to move back in or want to come and stay, you have a bedroom for them.

As well as using your spare bedroom for your kids, if you ever have other guests, it will no doubt come in handy.

Don’t think of it as wasted space as you can double your guest bedroom up as a home office, a gym, or anything else for that matter. You will feel much happier if you know that you have a spare room in your new home that your children can use whenever they need to.


Choose somewhere close by.


If you have lots of friends near where you live, don’t make the mistake of moving too far away – try to find somewhere close by.

Making friends becomes harder the older we get, so it’s important that you don’t alienate yourself from your current friends.


Pick a place that you love.


In the past, you may have chosen a home for its functionality, but now that you don’t have children to worry about, you can live in any property of your choice. Once your kids fly the nest, you have the opportunity to move to any house that takes your fancy.

If there has always been a style of home that you love but were unable to move into due to your family’s needs, now is the time to buy.  Whatever type of home you have dreamed of buying, now is your chance to do it.

Your children leaving home can be upsetting, but by moving to a smaller property, you can make the process a little easier. And, at the same time, you can move into the type of home that you have always dreamed of owning.


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