Tips from a lousy housekeeper and grudging cook.

Tips from a lousy housekeeper and grudging cook.

I hate housework. I’ve never been one to enjoy cooking either. The one thing I did really well and totally enjoyed was baking, but the sad part is I can’t do that any more because, if it’s in the house, I can’t resist it.
I do have some favorite tips and hints I use to minimize the hands-on labor of various tasks and challenges.

Here is my list of favorites:

Iced Coffee and Coffee Flavoring

Pour leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze. Coffee cubes are great for blending iced coffee drinks or can be defrosted to use for baking and cooking.

Coffee Grinder Maintenance

Grinding rice will clean the grinder and sharpen the blades. About a cup will do.

Rice Grains

Wrinkle Removal

Mix 2 teaspoons of fabric softener and 2 cups water in a misting spray bottle and shake. Use on mist setting to spray clothing, then tug lightly with hands to remove wrinkles and hang to dry if too damp for comfort.

Dust Silk Flowers

Place about a cup of corn meal in a bag, insert the flower(s) and shake lightly for a few seconds.

Laundry rack

Stain Removal

No matter what the stain, rub clear or white liquid soap (no dyes) into the stain before it dries and sets. Although it’s better to wash as soon as possible in the usual manner, it can sit a while as the soap keeps it from completely setting.

Linen Storage and Organization

Store a full bedding set inside one of its own pillowcases.

Bread Labels

Cord Organization

Use plastic bread tags to label and organize your wire and cables.

Adhesive Removal

Use a lightly moistened Mr. Clean magic eraser to remove adhesive after removing a sticker or label.

Carpet Stains

Baby wipes will remove almost any type of carpet stain. Be sure to change to a fresh wipe often, especially for larger stains.

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