Tips to refresh and optimize your space with smart and fashionable furnishings.

Tips to refresh and optimize your space with smart and fashionable furnishings.


The interior of your home might be looking a bit shabby.


You may be experiencing a major change in your circumstances such as a move, downsizing or remodeling and renovations. You may not have not done anything to change your home’s appearance in a very long time and have become tired of the same old furniture that you have for the past decade – and shows its age.


To update and refresh your look to suit the new circumstances, or even just to welcome the spring with a fresh look, seek out furniture that is functional, an appropriate size, and is attractive to you and your guests. You can then begin to lay out a plan that you will be able to use to decorate the interior of your home.


However, you should not make quick, impulse decisions or buy your furniture from just anywhere.

Take some time to look around, see the selection and weigh the options available in your area.

Here are a few tips that you will be able to use to buy great furniture so you can design the interior of your home.



Verify the store’s return policy.


You need to be sure that the furniture store does not give you a short period of time to try out your new furniture.

Ideally, the store should give you no less than 30 days to make your final decision and return any unwanted furniture for a complete refund. Do not deal with a furniture store that tries to pressure you into making quick decisions.

You need to find out the specific terms of their return policy before you buy anything.

Make sure you see in writing exactly how long you have to make a return. You should never make the mistake of assuming a seller will look after you.



Find stores with lots of inventory to choose from.


Choose practical, small furniture.


You should never buy a piece of furniture that is less than you were hoping for. This is why you need to do business with a furniture store that sells all of the most prominent brands.

Visit a store that will expose you to a wide variety of different types of furniture as this will give you a much better chance of finding something that you will really like and make good use of for years.

Avoid spending your money on furniture that you are not enthusiastic about simply because they did not have anything better in stock.

There are several furniture stores such as Joybird Furniture in the US and The Brick in Canada that offer many different types and styles of furniture for you to choose from. You are certain to find something you like at stores like Joybird.



Can the furniture be altered or customized?


Upholstery fabric choices


This is a chance that you will not be able to locate the piece of furniture you are looking for in the right size. This means that you will need to have a dealer make it especially for you.

Not all furniture stores will offer this service. Therefore, you can waste considerable time contacting various furniture dealers to find out if they will be able to meet your needs.

Always check reviews, get several estimates and compare prices before making a final decision.


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