Unfair legal ruling? A national law firm can help you win your case.

Unfair legal ruling? A national law firm can help you win your case.

People who make legal rulings are only human, and sometimes they fail.
Have you recently received an unfair legal ruling from a higher authority?
Are you interested in challenging a verdict you may have received from your employer or insurance company?


There are several options open to you.

One of the most common and effective involves hiring lawyers. If the verdict was made by a local authority, the justice you deserve will be more likely if you’re represented at a national level.

In my own case, I was fighting for a medical pension and benefits for PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress related disabilities. The damage was cumulative over several years and several positions in stressful or hostile work environments.

I suffered a breakdown and now deal with severe anxiety, depression, agorophobia, flashbacks and nightmares on a permanent basis.

I will be on medications for the rest of my life.

I can no longer be in social or work situations at all – even with family.

I can’t drive.

I’m unable to speak on the telephone without anxiety.

I cannot answer the door. If it’s not absolutely necessary, I’ll ignore the doorbell.

I have not stepped foot in the lower floor of our house without severe anxiety. Therefore, I have not been down there in over six years.


Unfair legal system


If you don’t like to lose, don’t take no for an answer.


There may have been any number of reasons why the initial verdict in your case went against you.

  • You weren’t able to collect sufficient evidence to present your case in the most effective manner.
  • You hired a local attorney who did not have the expertise or experience to guide you through the process.
  • You were intimidated by a hostile lawyer’s questions and contradicted or incriminated yourself.

I was originally denied recognition as severely disabled and unable to work by Revenue Canada. I took it upon myself to appeal. After a very stressful and slow process that only exacerbated my condition, I finally was approved.

A lawyer could sure have helped.

I applied for both Federal and Provincial disability pensions and was refused for both. They stated that my genealogy research and blogging indicated that I’m able to work. This conclusion was almost criminal in that it didn’t recognize that I cannot leave my home, speak on the telephone or deal with any social situation.

I made the decision that it wasn’t worth putting myself through any more appeals. It wasn’t worth the pittance I would receive, even though it would be a help.

Whatever the reason for your original failure may have been, hiring a national attorney is a great way to correct it.

Your new national lawyer will move quickly to gather up all of the evidence needed to prove your case.

For example, they will collect all of the available legal or medical documents, as well all of the police and eyewitness reports that they can get their hands on.


If you want to win your case, be persistent.


There will obviously be many pitfalls and obstacles between filing your case and winning it.

If you feel strongly enough about the justice you seek, there should be nothing that can dissuade you from it.

Did your former employer or insurance company offer an insultingly low settlement?

It’s up to you to have the courage to refuse it and file suit in order to claim what you are owed – if you are physically or mentally able.

If your desire for justice is strong, hire a national attorney. Make an appointment for a legal consultation to discuss the merits of the case.

In my case, it wasn’t worth pursuing because there was so small a pension involved.

The decision to not pursue it was difficult, but it was the best for me and my health.

I only feel bad about the fact that making life easier for myself let the Federal and Provincial governments off the hook.

If it is decided that you have a strong enough case to proceed, a national lawyer will be a reliable ally in your corner all the way to the end.


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