Using tile flooring patterns to create stunning floors.

Using tile flooring patterns to create stunning floors.


I’ve been considering tile patterns for the back splash and flooring in our kitchen and bathrooms when we can afford to remodel them – but I never considered ceramic or stone tile on the floor in patterns. The tile flooring patterns I’ve looked at are so numerous it would be extremely difficult to choose.


Bathroom tile wall and flooring patterns.

Bathroom with wall and flooring tiles.

Although the house we live in is old and sound, we have a list of renovation and remodeling must-dos when we can afford to do them. It is an extensive list as the tasks are rapidly out-pacing our budget, but they include refacing the fireplace, ceramic or stone tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, fix or replace the deck, fix or replace the front porch, repair a retaining wall, resurface the driveway, and finally repaint the interior and exterior of the house – and these are the must-dos because of condition problems.

Although I have the ceramic or stone tile on the must-do list for our kitchen and bathroom floors, this is only because one of the bathrooms has condition problems, but if we do one, we will do all.

We will be consulting residential remodeling contractors to take on the jobs we’re not capable of doing on our own.

When building a new home or working on a remodeling project there are lots of decisions to make regarding materials, etc. Tile is a popular and versatile choice for walls and floors, and is great for both interior and exterior use.

It is easy to fall in love with the endless varieties available in tile. Few other building products offer the selections that tile does. The varieties of colors, textures and styles make it easy to incorporate tile into any building project.

Running tile flooring patterns.

Running tile flooring patterns.

Using a variety of tile patterns, homeowners can create any look they desire for their indoor and outdoor floors and walls. Among the patterns commonly used, the running bond tile pattern is very  popular. This particular pattern is created by staggering tiles in the same manner that bricks are staggered.

Pinwheel tile flooring patterns.

Pinwheel tile flooring patterns.

Not only does this staggering create an appealing pattern, it also helps to hide flaws and imperfections. If there are discrepancies in tile size, or imperfections such as waves or dips in the surface being covered, the running bond pattern helps to disguise these flaws so well it is nearly impossible to detect them. The reason this pattern is so good at hiding flaws is that the staggered pattern of the tiles gives the eye more to look at and interpret, with shorter overlapping joint lines.

This pattern can be used with all types of tiles but works great with smaller rectangular tiles. Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms this pattern is seen in the most. It is also a very popular choice among tile flooring patterns because it has a strong load bearing capability. The running bond pattern is often seen in patio settings and is commonly used for outdoor walkways.

When looking at this pattern the staggered layout makes any surface look interesting. Tile floors are easy to care for and more aesthetically appealing than other options.

Interesting tile flooring patterns.

Interesting tile flooring patterns.

Unique and interesting tile flooring patterns add appeal and can actually make an ordinary room extraordinary. By using certain patterns such as the basket weave, pinwheel, windmill, and other similarly designed patterns, a floor easily becomes a beautiful focal point. Patterns that seemingly overlap and interweave are excellent choices for flooring.

Though there are numerous different floor patterns to choose from, some people prefer a classic pattern like the Versailles, and the checkerboard pattern. If unable to find a pattern that fits in with design needs, it is easy to create a new pattern that will be more unique.

Since many tiles have designs painted or printed on them it is easy to create beautiful borders and medallions or other designs on floors. When using natural stone tiles such as granite, soapstone, limestone, and marble, elegant and totally unique floors are created. The best way to choose the right tile and floor pattern for a project is to research the different options that are available and take the time to explore the different types of tile.

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