Valuable Lessons to Learn

Fleur d'automne

I learned a couple of really valuable life lessons today:

  • Life is too fragile – especially for the young.
  • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

I already knew both of these, but this morning, these lessons were drilled in even more.

Upon logging onto Facebook, I noticed a post from my sister about a beautiful, talented young girl named Tina Rivera Slater, who had committed suicide this past week at about 14 years of age. My nephew was going to this girl’s funeral today. Immediately I felt so sad and I did a search to see if I might have known her family. I had lived in Comox until I moved away to marry in 1991.

It turned out that I didn’t know the family, but in searching I saw a few sites stating that her suicide was the result of bullying and I posted a response to my sister’s comment on Facebook about the problems of bullying. I quickly stood corrected however, as my sister informed me that the bullying allegations were rumour only.

My husband and I have dealt with depression and bullying issues first hand with both of our kids, and it is extremely frightening. How does a parent know when to act on signs they may see? On the one hand we worry and on the other hand we don’t want to alienate our kids by interfering. There was a point where we had to trust in our kids’ strength of character and willingness to seek us out when things got too tough for them – and so far it has worked out well for us.

I can’t imagine being this poor girl’s parents, living with the questions, uncertainty and ‘what ifs’.

Below is the video she posted of herself just before her death. It’s so beautiful, poignant and sad.

RIP Tina Rivera Slater…

photo credit: kama17


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