Green living: First growth reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets | Georgia Straight Vancouver

Green Living: First Growth Reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

  Green Living: First Growth Reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets by Lucy Lau Salvaged lumber typically sees new life as reclaimed-wood furnishings, fixtures, and small household objects. But one local maker is preserving the precious resource by transforming it into a collection of particularly festive pieces: Christmas-tree ornaments. Garet Robinson, founder of First…

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Tattoo tolerance is a great thing, but we need to work on tolerance for all our differences.

Pic of the Day

  One thing I’ve noticed since Erin started getting piercings and tattoos is the frustration she feels when her personal choices regarding body adornments cost her jobs and other opportunities.   She has done her best to put any tattoo in a strategic place that is easily covered by clothing, but that doesn’t seem to…

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Province pledges $49M for mental, physical health student programs | CTV Barrie News

  The Liberal government has kicked off the school year by announcing $49 million over three years for new and expanded programs to help the mental and physical health of students. Funding is being doubled to $12 million for school boards for local well-being initiatives such as breakfast programs, anti-bullying programs and recreational activities. The…

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Exposé: The ugly truth about beauty.

My entire life, the media and beauty industry have dictated whether I’ve been: happy or unhappy; healthy or unhealthy; mentally sound or depressed and anxious. How? By feeding us a constant, unreachable, impossible idea (and huge lie) of what makes a woman beautiful. I do not and never have bought beauty magazines, but enough of this negative…

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Are we burying our kids under heaps of stress and expectations?

Stress and our kids.

  For quite a while now, I’ve been hearing how our children are overly buried by stress and expectations in today’s world. Then, I remembered a CBC News report I had watched about plagiarism and cheating in college and university, and it struck me that there’s a really strong correlation here!   I wondered, are we burying…

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