Top hacks to deice your vehicle during winter’s icy grip.

Start output of Story Body As temperatures continue to plummet, many may start to find their vehicles’ windshields encased in ice. There are numerous dangers that arise if you can’t see adequately out of your windshield when driving. It creates unsafe conditions that increase the likelihood of being involved in a collision. At least 11…

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Province pledges $49M for mental, physical health student programs | CTV Barrie News

  The Liberal government has kicked off the school year by announcing $49 million over three years for new and expanded programs to help the mental and physical health of students. Funding is being doubled to $12 million for school boards for local well-being initiatives such as breakfast programs, anti-bullying programs and recreational activities. The…

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The undeniable benefits of retrofitting a home.

Undeniable benefits of retrofitting a home.

  Retrofitting a home has become a necessity in the time of global warming.   Having a more energy-efficient household, you can reap numerous benefits including saving money, updated home decor, and contributing to the preservation of the planet.   Plus, with everything technology has to offer these days, it’s hard to dispute the undeniable…

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