What to do after the kids move out? 4 great remodel ideas.

What to do after the kids move out? 4 great remodel ideas.




After years of spills, stains and crayon drawings on the walls, the kids are finally off to college – or wherever.


Here are four great remodel ideas for after the kids move out.


Do you know how you’ll be redecorating the place?

Do you have any plans for a grown-up remodel that doesn’t need baby-proof corners or non-scratch flooring?

If you’re ready to make changes to the nest, here are just a few remodel ideas for after the kids move out –  for a newer, more attractive, more organized home design.


Repurpose their bedrooms.


Unless you’re saving their bedrooms for school breaks and holiday visits, your most immediate remodeling opportunity comes from all of that unused space.

  • Repurpose them in any of numerous ways, including office spaces, craft rooms, guest rooms, home libraries, indoor gardens or home theater rooms.
  • Install shelves and use them as showcase rooms for your favorite hobbies and collections.

The possibilities are endless!


Get custom cabinets.


Replace your flooring.

Have you always dreamed of stylish, custom-made cabinets that didn’t have to accommodate tiny and curious children?

Now is your chance to design and install an area of personalized storage space right out of Home and Garden.

Just type something like “custom cabinetry New Jersey” into a search engine to see all of options available in your area.


Change colors.


Whether you realize it or not, your home’s color scheme has been influenced by your children for 18+ years.

Take back control of this essential design element by repainting or repatterning your walls.

Whether it’s putting up a floral wallpaper that your sons always rejected or rolling a more neutral shade over your daughter’s pink-princess bedroom, you have final say over the paint swatches now.


Replace your flooring.


If you’re anything like most parents, your flooring decisions came down to “something that won’t stain easily” or that “skateboards can’t scratch up.”

Now that your kids are off doing alley-oops on college campuses, you can open the door on a whole new world of flooring options.

  • Get that plush living room carpet that you’ve always wanted.
  • Put fancy mosaic tile in the bathroom.
  • Install hardwood floors as far as the eye can see.


These are just a few ways to rejuvenate your home after the kids have moved out.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you like your home. Now’s the time to experiment to find something that speaks to you.


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