What to do with the kids’ bedrooms when they haven’t quite left the nest.

What to do with the kids’ bedrooms when they haven’t quite left the nest.


Your kids have started to leave home, but they’re in that strange limbo between being independent and coming back to get you to do their laundry. Perhaps they’ve started college, or they’re working, but they return home regularly.


While you love seeing them, you wish you could start to reclaim their bedrooms and use them for something you want to use them for. Instead, they seem to be standing as permanent shrines to your kids.


Here’s what to do with the kids’ bedrooms when they haven’t quite left the nest.


As much as you want to welcome them back home with open arms, you don’t want to keep a bedroom for them forever.

So what can you do while they’re flitting back and forth between their new home and old one?


Clear out their things.


They’ve moved out, and they’re pretty much independent adults now. But whenever they return, there’s still a room that’s “their room.”

But it’s really not their room. All the rooms in the house are yours. A few reminders of your precious children are nice to have, but you don’t want their stuff everywhere when they don’t even really live there anymore.

Encourage them to take more of their stuff with them next time they visit. If they don’t have space for things they might want in the future, consider storage units or just using some storage space at home.

They might live in a small dorm room or apartment, and they’re not ready for all their stuff just yet.


Make the room a guest room.


It’s nice to welcome your child home whenever they’re on vacation, but you don’t want to have a bedroom that’s permanently theirs just because they come back home every few months.

You want to put that room to use, and maybe you want to have guests to stay without putting them in the bedroom with moody teenage posters.

Consider keeping the room as a bedroom, but removing any traces of your child’s teenage self.


Create a multipurpose room.


Multipurpose room.

What to do with the kids’ bedrooms when they haven’t quite left the nest.

Another option if you want to ensure your child always has somewhere to stay is to create a multifunctional room.

You can use it as you like when they’re away, but when they come to visit, it can also serve as a bedroom.

For example, you could have an office with a daybed that’s ideal for guests. You might not be able to fit a double bed in with other furniture, but a sofa that turns into one would be ideal.


Remove the option of a spare bed.


On the other hand, maybe you want the room to be completely yours again.

When your child comes to visit, they can get out an airbed or maybe even stay at a hotel.

At some point, they’re going to have to stop coming home to wash their clothes.

Eventually, they might have a new family to spend holidays with.

It might be hard to let go, but perhaps you’re thinking of downsizing soon anyway. Take back the bedroom and do what you want with it.

It can be hard to decorate your house when your kids are half in and half out, but eventually you need to take the plunge and reclaim your space.


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