Women’s health: Are the cosmetics, cleaners and chemicals we purchase safe?

Women’s health: Are the cosmetics, cleaners and chemicals we purchase safe?

Are you afraid to purchase cosmetics, scented products and cleaners for fear they’ll cause an allergic or sensitivity reaction?

Join my club!

I’ve been dealing with allergies, and chemical and scent sensitivities all my life. Before I discovered what my problem was, I went through years thinking I just had ‘run of the mill’ allergies and could never pinpoint the trigger.

It was only when I started working in the public sector that I realized how brief exposure to triggers could cause rather severe and debilitating reactions. This became evident working in a public office and experiencing bad reactions around certain people – like the girl coming in from another department who was wearing heavily scented perfume, the cleaner who came in once a week to clean my office, leaving me to deal with the side effects of the exposures to the cleaners and chemicals he used.

Some of these side effects can range in severity from mild to severe, and they can include (in order of severity as per my own experience), itchiness, hives, blisters, rashes, breakouts, watery eyes, eye pain, congestion, and numerous headaches ranging from ‘normal’ to migraines accompanied by nausea.

Today, I was watching a Gain laundry detergent commercial with my daughter Erin and she commented about how she loves the Apple Mango scented Gain.

I responded, “It sounds great and I’d love to try it, but I’m afraid to because I’d most likely be wasting my money.”

As a result of my allergies and sensitivities, I end up wasting a great deal of money and throwing out a lot of my purchases simply because I can’t tolerate them in one way or another.

This infographic titled “Women’s health: Safe cosmetics and safer chemicals” is very informative about the chemicals and ingredients used in cosmetics and body products.

In fact, I no longer wear cosmetics or scents of any kind as I have never been able to find any that I can wear comfortably without suffering ill effects.


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Women’s Health – Safe Cosmetics and Safer Chemicals


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